I’ve been a dog lover all my life. I value the consistent level of joy they bring to a relationship, their passion for being with you as their human partner, and their eagerness to be a part of every activity you do. Sadly, I learned of the devastating effects that heat can have on a dog when a friend of mine lost his dog after a short hike on a summer afternoon.

I began to do some research in this area and discovered the many brutal consequences heat can have on a dog. I also discovered some products focused on trying to help create solutions for this problem. I began purchasing all of them I could get my hands on.

I quickly discovered that these products simply didn’t work. I began taking them apart and piecing together solutions to overcome the challenges I saw in these products. Eight years later we finally have a product that works and works well.

We have tested the KoolSkinz vest on hundreds of dogs and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. KoolSkinz fits securely without restricting your pet in anyway. It works with your existing harness, pack, or leash that you are already using. No additional equipment to buy or swapping out of daily leashes and harnesses. No sweating, no rubbing, no discomfort of any kind.

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Michael bevis
CEO / Founder

Pet Lover & Entrepreneur with a passion for keeping your animals safe and looking kool


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